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How to Choose the Right Size Lamp Shade



Sizing Basics

A good rule of thumb to determine lamp shade size for a table lamps is the bottom of the shade should be approximately 6 to 9 inches wider than the widest part of the base.   The height of the shade should be approximately 2/3 of the height of the lamp base.


How to Meaaure Lamps


Here is an example of fitting a shade to the lamp shown: Lamp base at the widest point is 9 inches wide so the lampshade should be approximately 15/16 inches wide. The height of lamp is 18 inches so the lampshade should be approximately 12-15 inches tall including fringe.


These sizing rules can vary.  Taking in consideration the size of room that the lamp is in, personal preference and the uniqueness of the lamp itself.  Sending us a picture of your lamp will help us to find the right size shade.  Fitting a lampshade to a lamp is fairly subjective, we have designed our shades to make the process a little easier. Most of our shades come in small, medium, large, ex-large and some styles come in xx-large. Here is a table that will help in fitting your lamp:


Average Small Lampshade - 8"-10" wide---Will fit smaller lamp base

Average Medium Lampshade - 12"-15" wide---Will fit medium sized lamp base

Average Large Lampshade - 16"-18" wide---Will fit Large sized lamp base

Average Ex-Large Lampshade - 19"-22" wide---Will fit very large lamp base or floor lamp

Average XX-Large Lampshade - 23"-24" wide---Will fit a large floor lamp


When you take the picture, please try to take it at eye level with the middle of the lamp, not looking down on the lamp or looking up.


Also include height of lamp (measure from bottom of lamp to electrical socket).   Email your pictures to  and we will be more than happy to help fit your lamp.



    The harp normally needs to be changed when a new style of lampshade is purchased.  The right size harp will allow the new lampshade to sit at the right height.  The light bulb and electrical socket should be covered by the new shade so there is no glare and unsightly fixtures showing.  They might be covered by the shade or the fringe, depending on the type of fringe or beading. Harps are found at any hardware store or lighting store and are very inexpensive.




Style is more a matter of taste. Match an elegant lamp with an elegant shade and a whimsical lamp with a cute shade. However, do not get boxed in with a set of rules you never leave.  A completely new style or color can accent your lamp beautifully!


International Fittings

Our table lampshades are normally fitted with a brass "spider" and fit on a U.S. harp which has a 1/4" threaded lug for a finial. Our bridge arm lampshades are fitted with an UNO fitting as shown below.


US Harp and Spider diagramUS Uno Diagramr


If you're ordering a shade for a lamp in the U.K. or Europe please match the shade to your lamp style below.


European Duplex DiagramEuropean Pendant Diagram"


If your lamp uses a Gimbel or Large Gimbel socket you can order a shade with a Duplex fitting and use a U.K. shade carrier which may be purchased Online or may be available locally.

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