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"Clara" with Victorian Lady & Dog and Gold Silk and Beads

Here is a large version of our table lamp all ready to put on your floor lamp.  Cabbage roses and stunning floral garlands surround the Victorian Lady and her dog.  There is a fence that separate her and the Victorian Gentleman but not for long!  The picturesque scene has long beading under it for a eye catching finish.  The gold fringe is double dipped with a sage green on the bottom.  Tassel fringe goes all the way around the shade. 

 This shade measures18 inches across and 13 inches wide.  Its an oval shaped shade and with the fringe it is approximately 18 inches tall.  This shade will steal the show on any floor lamp it sets on.  Vibrant colors are eye catching on or off with this shade. 

All  of our shades are completely handmade including the frame.  These shades cannot be bought anywhere else and our prices are below wholesale.  We depend on our customers for suggestions, so email us anytime with these.  Different sizes are available too! 

Thanks so much for looking!!!!


Bridge - $275.00

Medium - $265.00

Large - $375.00

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