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Extra Large "Madison" in Victorian Blue Lady & Dog with Beads and Silk

This floor lampshade is stunning on or off!  The beautiful Victorian Lady with a dog has a suitor wishing she was on the other side of the fence!  There are lots of blues, ivories, red roses, and a bit of yellow on this shade.  The fringe is hand dyed blue fading to a light ivory.   Then the beading is under each small panel.  These are deep blue and golds to perfectly blend the shade colors together.  We love to use silk on our shades.  Beautiful light ivory silk highlights the Victorian scene. 

  The shade is fully lined with a fire retardant fabric which keeps the light bulb from showing through. The finished shades are heavy so use a good sturdy lamp base to show it off!

 The measurement of the shade is 21 inches across and 16 inches tall (including fringe).  This will fit on a floor lamp or a very large table lamp.    Our shades are completely hand-made including the frame.   The shade itself is copper coated steel with a brass top.  Each shade is hand dyed and sewn in our studio, so don't be shy about fine tuning the details. There is no extra charge for custom work.

Please feel free to email with any questions and as always fabric samples are free.   Thanks so much for looking!


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