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"Leah" in Leopard Chenille with Rust & Brown Silk and Beads

First you may want to collect this shade and build a room around it! Leopard skin chenille next to a dark brown, green, gold, and rust designed fabric will make sure this is the center of attention. Rust and dark brown silk alternate on the top which shimmer when the light is on! The fringe is gold that fades down to a rich sage green and the dark brown tassels hang from each corner bringing all the colors together! Dark rusty brown beads match these rich color scheme.

All of our shades are completely lined. This shade pictured is a extra large size (any size available) and measures 22 inches across and 12 inches tall including fringe. 

Each shade is completely hand-made including the frame! Even the hand dyed fringe and trim, we make sure perfectly matches the fabrics we use.  We guarantee the lowest price on all of our shades!  You will not find our styles or fabrics put together like ours!

 Email any question or suggestion to us and we will be ready to help out!



Bridge - $235.00

Medium - $255.00

Large - $295.00

Ex-Large - $355.00

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